About Games Village

The history of this picturesque and serene  estate is closely linked with the hosting
of the 8th All Africa Games COJA 2003…

Serene. Secure. Beautiful

Pride of the Nation – Games Village, Kaura Abuja


Games Village is a secure estate located in Kaura District, Abuja. The estate was built by CCECC Limited for the 8th All Africa Games (COJA 2003) held in Abuja. The Estate is home to ample municipal infrastructural facilities such as mains electricity, water, telecommunication, central sewage system and network of beautifully tarred roads. It is predominantly residential, characterized with detached and semi-detached Houses, Bungalows, Blocks of Flats and some commercial outlets which include approximately 590 main houses and 400 boys’ quarters.

The Estate is in close proximity to the National Stadium, Abuja City gate and Kaura Modern Market which has an extensive array of shops, restaurants, and entertainment to cater to all tastes and ages. It is conveniently situated for easy access to Area 1, Apo, Gudu area and Lugbe. An added bonus is the short 25- minute drive to Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport.

Games Village strives to offer its residents a high quality, secure and harmonious lifestyle and environment. The Estate has large, landscaped park areas with children’s play areas, paved walkways, picnic areas and gazebos. Accent lighting to the parks and walkways makes it convenient for walkers and joggers to make use of these areas in the evening. Other amenities include a Fire service station, Police post, Medical Centre, Schools, Crèche, Church, Mosque, Supermarket, Pharmacies, Football field, Tennis court, Relaxation lounge e.t.c.

Security is of paramount importance at Games Village with 24 hour joint patrols by police and estate security. The estate has its own dedicated patrol vehicle to respond to any emergencies. The Security team is proficient not only in the security field but has assisted with medical and minor fire emergencies on the Estate. Games Village Residents Association Abuja (GVRAA) is run by committed Executive members elected by residents. However, the Board of Trustees (BoT) is the advisory body and custodian of the Association. The Executive members are assisted by a dedicated management team at the GVRAA Secretariat. Games Village Residents Association Abuja (GVRAA) is a Non-Profit organization which is governed by a Constitution and Estate Rules and regulations that are in place to protect the rights and interests of all members.

The endeavours of the Board of Trustees (BoT), Executive members (EXCO), the management team (GVRAA Secretariat Staff) and supportive member-base within the estate over the past few years, has seen the progression of a “developing” estate into the beautiful established environment that it is today. The estate has evolved into one of high demand on the property market for people wishing to invest in a home in an upmarket, secure and tranquil living space.

General Information

Due to the upsurge in the general crime rate in the country as well as an increase in the state of insecurity, kindly note the following information aimed at enhancing security in Games Village.

Ensure vehicle tallies are not left in the cars

Ensure your security lights are switched on every night

Ensure cars are properly locked

Ensure all doors and windows of your home are properly locked at all times especially when traveling.

Ensure power generating sets and other household items left outside are properly chained and locked.

Ensure cars are properly locked

Domestic pets such as dogs and cats should be reined appropriately.

Ensure all domestic staff has proper documentation with the secretariat, as they contribute the greatest security threat in the estate, based on past incidents and available statistics.

Ensure GVRAA ID cards are collected from domestic staff whenever they are disengaged from service.

Do not assault, insult or harass security operatives in the line of duty, but rather, report any seemingly rude operatives to the relevant authorities as they can be identified by their tags.

Houses and business premises should ensure fire-fighting equipment is installed within their premises.

Ensure all fire-fighting equipment is purchased from authentic distributors or better still at the fire service station in Games Village.

Report any suspected movement of persons to the GVRAA Security via the hotlines: 08172024930, 08036713986, 07067798780 or GVRAA Police post on 08032941792

Report any fire incident to the GVRAA fire service hotline on 09-2903394.

Business and Operational Hours

  • All businesses are to close operations at 10:00 p.m. in line with the stipulation of the GVRAA Rules & Regulations and as agreed by the General House.
  • The GVRAA security and other law enforcement agents have been mandated to enforce these rules.
  • The use of business premises as residential areas is not permitted for security reasons. Business Operators who may presently be in the practice of this are advised to discontinue forthwith.

Construction Works & Workers

  • Construction workers and labourers are not allowed to sleep at the construction sites. There have been instances when such men have been engaged in cases of theft and burglary reported in Games Village.
  • Anyone caught under this circumstance would be treated as a suspected criminal.
  • All renovation works within the Estate as all the workers involved in the works MUST be registered at the GVRAA Secretariat before the renovation works can commence and before the workers will be allowed entry into the estate.
  • Works at all Construction sites must close at 1800hrs (6:00 p.m.).


  • All visitors – pedestrian and vehicular to the estate shall henceforth be processed at the security gate for clearance.
  • Taxis (painted or not) are NOT allowed into the estate before 0600hrs (6:00 a.m.) and after 2200hrs (10:00 p.m.)
  • Between the hours of 2300hrs (11:00 p.m.) and 0600hrs (6:00 a.m.), residents who may have visitors are expected to go to the gate to identify and receive their visitors.
  • Motorcycles (OKADA) and Tricycles (KEKE NAPEP) are forbidden from plying the estate.

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